CTLS | Drip Check Nell Shirt


[Product Description]
CTLS | Drip Check Nell Shirt

Regular collar
Embroidery logo on front
Drip flap pockets with dotted buttons
Embroidered logo at front, drip flap pockets with dotted buttons, pis-sign at flap pockets
Dot buttons at front and cuffs
Long sleeves
Quilted lining
Round-cut hem
Made in Japan

Outer fabric: 100% cotton
Inner lining: 100% polyester
Separate cloth: 100% cotton

Front Length : 85.5cm
Back Length : 91cm
Body width : 70cm
Shoulder width : 68.5cm
Sleeve length : 61cm

Front Length : 89cm
Back Length : 95cm
Body width : 71.5cm
Shoulder width : 69cm
Sleeve length: 63cm

Height 180 cm, Weight 59 kg, Wearing Size 1
Color: Blue