CTLS & Ed Hardy Cross Tee


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CTLS & Ed Hardy Cross Tee

Ed Hardy
Founded in 2004 in Los Angeles, USA.
Don Ed Hardy is a tattoo artist who draws on the iconography of American, Japanese, Choro, Surf and other cultures, mixing his own experiences with the concept of his own art.
He is a charismatic and popular tattoo artist.
The brand concept is to express the lifestyle itself, not only through fashion, but also through its unique worldview that emphasizes free thinking and entertainment.

*Heavy-ounce jersey material is used.
*The neck is ribbed.
*Collaboration logo print on the front, back and sleeve hems
*Made in Japan

Outer fabric: 100% cotton

Length: 82cm
Body width: 61cm
Shoulder width: 56cm
Sleeve length : 26cm

Length: 84cm
Body width: 64cm
Shoulder width : 59cm
Sleeve length : 26cm

*The texture and color of the print will differ slightly from one item to another due to manual processing by the designer's intention.
In addition, since the product is currently in production,
it may take about a week from order to delivery.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding and patience.
Color: White