CTLS | Incense & Incense Holder

[Product Description]
CTLS | Incense & Incense Holder

・A blend inspired by forest chill
・All natural ingredients are used
・Burning time (per stick): approx. 90 minutes
・Colored with charcoal for a deodorizing effect
・20 incense sticks in a pack
・Comes with an original steel incense stand
・Made in Japan

Length : 22.5cm

*We will ship with the utmost care, but there is a possibility of breakage or hanging during shipping.
Please understand that it may break or hang during shipping.
*Original incense holders may have scratches or stains
from the manufacturing process.
*Please note that there is a possibility of stain transfer due to rust, etc., as they have not been processed so that you can enjoy the change in appearance over time.